Is Tori Spelling Getting a Divorce? Not Even SHE Seems to Know

LOS ANGELES - AUG 11:  Dean McDermott,  Tori Spelling, & ChildreI have to admit, I am very suspicious of Tori Spelling.   I feel like she does everything for publicity’s sake, and I have often suspected that this tendency is going to destroy her relationship.

As it turns out, her relationship is being destroyed by her husband, who seems to at least be a sex addict and an alcoholic.  Of course, when you hook up with a married guy, what do you expect?

So, when I first saw the headlines about Dean McDermott’s “affair,” I thought the whole thing might have been a sick publicity stunt that Tori Spelling staged so she could sell more books/ get better ratings for her TV shows.   This is kind of the attitude I had when I watched the first epode of TRUETori this week (you can watch it here on LifeTime’s website if you didn’t catch it).

I have to say, I don’t think she’s a good enough actress to pull off the kind of stuff that is shown in this documentary, so it does seem like the real thing.

First, Tori Spelling has horrible self esteem.   The fact that she got pregnant again four weeks after giving birth to her third child was a terrible sign; as to me it meant that she was so desperate to keep her husband, she would risk her life and health to “keep the sex up,” as she put it.   Not good.  TERRIBLE, in fact.    So, I guess it’s no surprise when he cheats on her and all she wants is to take him back.   Good for her (I guess) for standing up to him and saying that she needed some time to figure things out before he just went ahead and came back home.

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