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Fine Detailing Hours
Monday to Saturday: 8am - 7pm
Sunday: 8am - 6pm


Advanced Booking Policy

Book by E-mail or Telephone
To book your Hollywood Bumper To Bumper Shine Package or Hollywood Basic fine Detailing Package you can call and book over the phone but the best way to book is to book using email so you can receive the reminders for your appointment. The reminder emails for your appointment are important because we book-up for weeks in advance during our busy times such as Spring and Summer, and it's impossible to accommodate your car if you arrive late, beyond our grace period. With the reminder emails it's less likely you'll miss your appointment. Also, once you've booked online you can reschedule or cancel your appointment whenever you want, with the links provided in your confirmation email. But, if you feel more comfortable talking to a live person please do, we are here to help. 

Cancellation and Late Arrival Policy
You can cancel up to 4 hours before your appointment time, but after that you're responsible for the full cost of your appointment if you don't show. We are very busy and can always fill your appointment time with someone else's car provided we have enough time for them to get here.  Even if it's snowing or raining we can still fill your appointment time, but we need at least 4 hours. You also are responsible for the cost of your appointment if you come too late. After our grace period we cannot start your car because there would not be enough time to complete the work before the next customer's appointment.

Rain & Snow Policy
If it is raining or snowing we are still fully booked. Our work is not just a car wash. You are still responsible for your appointment and cannot cancel it less than 4 hours before because of rain or snow. If you have a seasonal vehicle that never sees rain please book your car online later in the day such as noon, 2pm or 4pm. Note that in the morning of your appointment day, if you see bad weather coming feel free to reschedule for another day. Reschedule your appointment as often as you like but please give us 4 hours’ notice to allow us to fill your spot. 

No Shuttle or Delivery
Unfortunately, we don't offer a customer shuttle or delivery of the vehicle when it's complete. However, Hollywood Bumper To Bumper Shine Package or Hollywood Basic fine Detailing Package only takes 2.5 hours to complete and an option for many customers take is to wait nearby until it is ready instead of going home. Additionally, we text all customers when their car is ready.

Overnight Parking
We don't park vehicles in our shop overnight. Also, we expect customers to remove their car from our parking lot the day it is completed. Unfortunately, we don't allow customers to store their vehicles on our lot until their appointment. Feel free to drop-off your vehicle the day or night before your appointment but no time before that, and please pick it up before the day following your appointment.

Key Drop-Off
We have a key drop located right of the office door, please ensure that your key falls into the box by reopening the key drop tray to ensure you can't see your key. There is no need to mark or identify your keys because we know from your booking whose keys belong to whom. We will text you in the morning to confirm that we have your keys and when we will text you to tell you your car is ready. If you don't receive a text by 8:30 am please call us to ensure we have your keys.

Key Pick-Up
We normally close at 7 pm Monday to Saturday and 6 pm on Sundays but please check our website for any changes to our hours. Note there are occasions when we close the Fine Detailing services early, but on those days we will inform you if you are booking an appointment on that day. (We have a method to give you your keys after we are closed, you would have to pay in advance to use that option.) But it is available so that you do not have to race to our shop before 7 pm. If you are running late just call us pay with your Credit Card over the phone and then we will setup the afterhours key option. If you don't make contact before 7 pm and we are unsuccessful contacting you we will leave your car outside and keep the key, until we open again.

All our prices here do not include HST that is extra. We accept Cash, Cheques, Master Card, American Express, Visa and Interac Debit payments and Interac e-transfers. We currently do not accept any fleet cards. We do not accept Bitcoin and Ethereum at this time.

Loose Items in your Vehicle
Loose items found in your car will be placed in a clear plastic bag which will be left in the trunk or rear cargo area of SUVs. If your car's trunk or SUV’s rear cargo area is already too full of stuff we may skip cleaning those areas. Please remove all items from the vehicle before the detailing to ensure we spend all our time cleaning not going through your stuff. While we are cleaning if we find small additional loose items such as keys or sunglasses we may put them in the console armrest or glove box instead of the clear plastic bag. If your vehicle has no clear plastic bag in the trunk or rear cargo area its likely your loose items could fit in the glovebox. Also, when we clean the headliner and sun visors as part of our detailing it is always necessary to remove your garage door opener and 407 ETR transponder they will always be placed in the glove box. 

Compartments, Truck Beds & Spare Tire Wells
Unfortunately, we do not clean Truck Beds and Spare Tire wells. Most car trunks and rear cargo areas of SUVs have compartments below the carpeted area for storage and for spare tires, we do not clean that area. Also, we generally do not clean inside gloveboxes, middle arm-rest console compartments and side compartments in mini-vans and SUVs. We will however, clean these compartments if the customer removes the contents and leaves them open to show us they want them cleaned.

Child Seats, Kick-pads, and Side Window Sunscreens
Prior to cleaning we will remove child seats, We will vacuum and clean them, we will also remove kick pads, under child seat protector pads, headrest mirrors and side window sunscreens, and clean them and then properly reinstall them when the work is done. However, we won't put the side window sunscreens back they will be placed in the clear plastic bag in the rear. If your child seats have been professionally installed and you don't want them removed and reinstalled, you can have us clean around them and not remove them, at no extra cost nor reduction in cost of cleaning.

For more information, please call us.
Policy Updated: January 10, 2023

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